Whether buying or selling a home, chances are you’ll eventually end up speaking to a realtor. And that’s a relationship that can have some far-reaching effects.Below are a few tips on how to choose the realtor that’s right for you.

Speak to Past Clients.
You can ask a realtor for a list of what they’ve sold in the past year. When speaking to these clients, you’ll want to find out about the asking price versus the final price for their home. If you are selling a property, you should ask the realtor about clients who bought houses similar to yours. After all, you want an agent who’s good at selling what you have.

Research the Agent.
Different states have licensing boards for realtors where you can find out if an agent is licensed and also see any complaints filed.

Do You Need a Specialized Realtor?
Some realtors have specializations that make them a better candidate to help you buy or sell your home. For instance, a CRS (certified residential specialist) has more experience in handling residential real estate, or a ABR (accredited buyer’s representative) has had additional training in how best to represent a buyer in a transaction.

How long has your realtor been in business? The longer someone has worked in an area, the more likely they are to meet your needs.

Keep in Touch.
A communication lapse of a few hours can mean the difference between an accepted offer and a missed opportunity. With that in mind, choose an agent who responds quickly and updates you often. Also ask who will be your main point of contact, because some busy real estate agents use a team of assistants or sub-agents to handle day-to-day tasks, and you may not have direct access to the agent you choose.

Build a Relationship.
Getting to know your realtor can help you ensure you’re both working toward the same goal: finding a home that fits your needs.



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