These days, selling a home can be a stressful experience. But armed with the right information, you can navigate the experience relatively stress-free. Read on to discover how to maximize the investment you’ve made in your home when you get ready to sell.

First, find a realtor.
This is possibly the easiest way to sell your home. A professional realtor can take most of the load off of you, especially where paperwork and lining up prospective buyers are concerned.

Put your house online.
Many people nowadays start their search for a home online. Take as many pictures as possible of your home, and post them with a detailed description of the property and the surrounding community. You’re not just selling your home, you’re selling the neighborhood.

Take yourself out of your home.
The more personal items in your house, the harder it is for prospective buyers to imagine themselves living there. Take your family photos and personal knick-knacks down and store them out of sight. This provides potential buyers with a blank slate, helping them to imagine the home as their own.

Keep the pets outside.
You may love your cat or dog, but not everyone is going to feel the same about Fluffy. People may see the dog bowl in the kitchen or catch a whiff of the litter box and decide their money is better spent elsewhere. So it’s best to move the animals out for a while before you show the house.

Small Fixes.
There is nothing wrong with fixing a few small things to make your home more desirable, but don’t go whole hog. A huge remodel may end up costing you money, whereas something like a fresh coat of paint is a little touch that makes a big impact.

Don't Forget the Outside.
The exterior of your house is just as important as the interior. Most people have judged your house before they ever make it in the front door. Mow the lawn and plant a few colorful flowers to give your property a bit more curb appeal.

Don’t overprice.
Most people set a big number from the start to give themselves room to negotiate, but going too high can scare potential buyers away. And the longer your home stays on the market, the fewer offers are going to come your way.

Keep a Flexible Schedule.
The more flexible you can be about showing the house, the more customers you’ll get in the door. Not everyone is going to be able to come by when you’re ready, so keeping the house clean and tidy ensures that you can show the house whenever someone calls.


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